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Your third year

A little synopsis of the year that Josie was three

My girl, how you've grown! It's been quite a year.

In January, you were quite the princess. You always wanted to wear your Minnie Mouse costume dress that Aunt Katie bought you, and you enjoyed shopping with Mommy at the store.

In February, you were attending Nature Nuts and enjoyed playing outside every day! You would often bring home large "dragon eggs" and care for them as though they were fragile eggs about to hatch a magical creature.

In March, big sister Rebecca came for spring break. You enjoyed chasing her and copying everything she did. The three of you girls jumped on the trampoline nearly every day. You learned how to open the trunk of my car to get the snacks you wanted.

In April, we went on a big trip! After flying to Georgia, we drove all the way home, stopping in Texas to visit family. In Texas, you got down and dirty, riding in the golf cart with Nay Nay to go check the hog traps. We were lucky to catch bluebonnet season and you enjoyed the flowers with Elizabeth. Other highlights on our trip were the petrified forest, the Grand Canyon, and a beachy day in the place Mommy and Daddy met, Monterey, California!

In May, you wanted to be like mom. You learned to use the pottery wheel and got so messy! You began ballet class and looked so stinkin' cute in your little leotard and tutu! Boy, do you love to dance.

In June, you were thrilled to have Rebecca back. You enjoyed the outdoors as our family waded in the river, picnicked in the mountains, and swam in the lake. We sure enjoyed those long, sunny days outside and running to the end of the street to catch the ice cream truck!

In July, you splashed around at the spraygrounds in Puyallup and Tacoma. You loved to dress yourself in the craziest outfits and put on Mommy's lipstick when she wasn't looking. You helped sing happy birthday to Rebecca and to Great Grandpa at some fun parties, too.

In August, you watered plants, painted nails, and wore your tiara. We had a big family trip to eastern Washington where Mommy used to vacation as a kid. It was so special to see you enjoying the things I enjoyed when I was your age. We swam a ton and your love of Barbies was sparked by the dreamhouse at the cabin. You made more summer memories with your cousins, picking blackberries and making crafts.

In September, you had your first trip without Mommy and Daddy. You spent a whole week at the lake with NayNay, Nana, Barb, and Sheri. You had an absolute blast and Mommy and Elizabeth joined you for a few days as well. I love traveling with you! We also visited the state fair and you had your first day of preschool at Busy Bees!

In October, the days got colder so we spent more time inside. We played games as a family. We enjoyed a day at the pumpkin patch. When halloween came, you and Elizabeth dressed as mermaids and we all went trick or treating with Jaxson, Asher, Aunt Katie, Uncle Blake, Grandpa Mike, and Grandma Sonja. I can't believe how much candy you collected!

In November, You enjoyed eating peanuts at Five Guys. You got a cute new haircut just before Thanksgiving. For Thanksgiving, we went to Grandpa and Grandma's house to share a meal with our family.

In December, we went on a chilly dune buggy ride in the Santa Parade through Puyallup. Together, we picked out the perfect Christmas tree and you even got to meet Santa at the tree farm! Many of our family came over for Christmas Eve where you wore your pretty dress and opened lots of presents. The snow fell and fell until it was deep enough to enjoy so you bundled up in winter clothes and Mommy pulled you in the sled. Later, you and Rebecca built your Barbie cookie dreamhouse together and ate it as soon as you were done.

What a year you had! It was a blast and I can't wait to see what this next year brings for you as a four-year-old. I love you dearly, Josephine.

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